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The JAI Diary is a UNIQUE AND MULTI-FACETED A4 day-per-page premium quality journal with an unequalled sense of PURPOSE.
The JAI Diary is simply the MOST PURPOSEFUL and UPLIFTING diary you will ever own.
How so? Why so? Read below . . .


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So, How and Why is the JAI Diary the MOST PURPOSEFUL
and UPLIFTING daily journal you will ever own?


Firstly . . . The A4 day-per-page premium quality JAI Diary has all the practicality, functionality and quality of ANY day-per-page journal currently on the market, in ANY price bracket.
Secondly . . . The JAI Diary is ALSO a very special BOOK in its own right ~ as within its pages is the full and ORIGINAL version of the global best seller and iconic work of beneficence (and genius) which is:


‘As a Man Thinketh’
by James Allen



Thirdly . . . The JAI Diary also contains James Allen’s Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year which will uplift and encourage, inspire and enlighten you each and every time you open your journal.


And Fourthly . . . By design and by default, the JAI Diary is both a vehicle and a resource for raising awareness to the unquestionable and pressing need for Fundamental Awareness Education throughout society and humanity, and a resource to help generate the all important revenue which is desperately needed to support those desperately vulnerable Children throughout the World who desperately need our LOVE and support RIGHT NOW!


£6.25 from EVERY JAI Diary purchased is given directly and in full to
the Children’s Charitable Causes we support…THANK YOU!


Fyi – 25% of the GROSS REVENUE generated and collected from the sale of THE JAI DIARY, and from THE WTWFC BOTTLE and donations kindly received in appreciation of and for THE JAI ROAD MAP and WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN activity, is dedicated solely to supporting children in crisis and is accounted for transparently and given over to the institutions and causes we support monthly.


We currently pledge our support to UNICEF, as by far they are best placed on the ground to help the most children (and families) in the most severely effected areas of unrest around the world who are truly in crisis. Check out the amazing efforts the good people of UNICEF are making by clicking on the logo.


. . . and of course, as you are aware:

Last but not least . . . The sale of the JAI Diary and the other merchandise we have developed both for your benefit and enjoyment and the greater good also allows us to function as an enterprise and do the work we do, and most importantly, in the way we choose to do it ~


FREE Success Tutelage and Uplift Education for ALL


The JAI Road Map will expand your awareness and improve your life as no other result is possible and if you haven’t already experienced its value you can do so right now simply by clicking on the image below.
. . . ENJOY, and PLEASE share!



So, this is how and why the JAI Diary is the MOST PURPOSEFUL and UPLIFTING journal you can ever own . . . and on behalf of JAI and those we endeavour to support, we thank you sincerely for YOUR support.
Very best wishes,
Kevin & Co.


If you haven’t done so already, please TAKE ADVANTAGE of the JAI ROAD MAP.
It’s FREE for you to enjoy and ONLY good can come of it.


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